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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Whose Ox is Being Gored? Is Discrimination a Point of View?

Guest blogger Chris Weeber generated a lot of discussion in her recent post about racism and discrimination and how it can sneak quietly into so many arenas without our being aware of it. I've invited her back to write more on this topic and hope you will watch for it and add your thoughts to the conversation.

When I used to teach, one of the things I often told students before we'd watch a TV clip or film was "Think about WHO made this film or wrote this story. What were they trying to achieve? Did they intend to present a biased point of view or did they try to keep it balanced? Did they tell all sides of the story?" Throughout history, there are many versions of wars, elections, motives, and various events. It has been said that the history of any war is the winner's version. They often portray themselves as not only victorious, but honorable, heroic, fighting for "right," on the side of GOD, and so on. Maybe this is something for all of us to be thinking about now -- RC

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