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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taking it all off . . . burlesque in the new millennium

An upcoming documentary film release was brought to my attention this past week, and it’s a delight. A WINK AND A SMILE (Golden Echo Films), directed by Deirdre Timmons, follows the lives of ten “ordinary” women who do something extraordinary—enroll in Seattle's Academy of Burlesque to learn the art of striptease. This is a group of women of varied ages, shapes, and backgrounds and not a one seems a likely candidate to stand and deliver in elaborate costuming, portraying a capricious range of characters, in front of a raucous, rowdy crowd. But this interesting film doesn’t just titillate, it delves into private thoughts about such public behavior and spotlights issues of gender, power, sexuality, and social identity as well. There is more than shake, rattle, and roll going on here, and perhaps more art than not to the historic tradition of burlesque dancing. In any case, it’s good entertainment and more than a peep into an intriguing part of our culture. Opens in New York City May 1, 2009. Distributed by First Run Features, http://www.firstrunfeatures.com

For an interview of the director, go to: http://film.prostamerika.com/Deirdre.html

For a film teaser, check out the YouTube vido: http://snurl.com/aar64


Anonymous said...

I would be very uncomfortable watching someone perform a striptease but I am curious about what motivates the people who do like to take their clothes off in public and the people who enjoy watching such performances. In November, I went out with a group of girlfriends to celebrate my friend's 40th birthday. At the night club we went to, a young man offered to strip for us - thankfully, we declined. Afterward I thought it would make an interesting feature story - I blew a great opportunity!

Jerrie Hurd said...

Ok, I came at this from the angle of doing nude photography. Already figured out that the perfect body doesn't exist. Doesn't matter. The camera loves anybody who is comfortable in his/her own skin. And it's not always about sexuality, although that is a component of any human being. It's more about line, angle, movement, tone and what the photographer sees. I know that sounds cliche but two photographers at the same shoot with the same model can come up with images that exude sexualilty and aren't sexual at all. This is an area of endless fascination. I'm going to see the movie ASAP. When does it come to Colorado?

Rosemary Carstens said...

Although it made the rounds of the film festivals last year, it doesn't open until May in NYC. Whether or not it will show up in Colorado remains to be seen. Probably only Denver. If you wanted to buy the DVD, it's available at the First Run Films website and maybe through netflx at some point.

evspence said...

I'll try to remember to see it here in NYC--for once I can check out films that don't find their way to other cities!

ClaireWalter said...

Many years ago, as a young editor covering a trade show in Las Vegas, I went w/ a group to "amateur strip night" at a club. I wasn't tempted to strut my own stuff, but it was enlightening to see how unsexy these true amateurs were. They sort of danced to sort of rock music. Once they worked up the courage to start stripping, everything came off in a hurry -- as if they were in a hurry to step into the shower. Off came layers of street clothes, cotton briefs and Cross-Your-Heart bras. Even the guys in the group thought the "show" was sort of lame. I wondered how many of these women stripped on a dare -- or because they lost a bet.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the movie looks incredible! I hope it makes its way out this way as well, it would be amazing to see this in a theatre. There are so many body types, and any of them can be beautiful if the person inhabiting the skin is comfortable.