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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Business Unusual . . . Farm Chicks in the Kitchen!

Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson (see photo below) partnered up six years ago to turn their enthusiasm for cooking, junking, and crafting into what has become a thriving business. They now have an annual Farm Chicks show in Spokane, Washington, which offers a line of jewelry, clothing, and stationery items, and are contributing editors to Country Living magazine. This year they’ve added the title “authors” to their mounting list of accomplishments.

THE FARM CHICKS IN THE KITCHEN: Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much (Sterling 2009) offers a collection of recipes that epitomize their philosophy: tasty, simple to prepare, and friends and family will love them. These are not elaborate, oh-too-fussy foods such as those often found in haute cuisine cookbooks by famous names. These are foods to live with, to brighten up any family’s meals. They offer comfort and nutrition and stretch the usual daily foods that are your staples.

Pumpkin waffles, tangy cucumber cups, savory sweet potato soup, Asian quinoa salad, pies and shortbread, plus many, many more add up to 52 recipes in total accompanied by more than a dozen craft projects. With their usual Farm Chick style, Serena and Teri transform unexpected found objects into repurposed items to use and share. The book is laced with stories and recipes that include the many friends they’ve made on their business journey, and memories and anecdotes about childhood, cooking, and junking. A really fun, unique gift for the person who loves to cook for a family and can’t pass up a garage sale because it might hold hidden treasures!

The farm chicks’ website: http://www.thefarmchicks.com

-- Rosemary Carstens


Jerrie Hurd said...

Junking--That's a fun word and idea. Much better than making-do with old stuff.

Mandy said...

I'm still hunting for the cookbook that will inspire me to cook and my kids to eat healthy foods. I always enjoyed cooking but when it's just for me, it's just not the same. Most evenings I feel like a short order cook ... as fun as this sounds don't think cucumber cups are going to cut it with the teenagers. I could always be surprised.

Now I am curious about the line of jewelry ...