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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boulder Media Women's 2007 and 2008 Titles

There’s a great group of creative media women in my area. All year long I find the group to be a fountain of collaboration, advice, experiences, and encouragement. There are graphic/website designers, technical advisers, copyeditors, authors, journalists, publishers, public relations and marketing professionals, producers, and film makers, to mention just a few of the talents in Boulder Media Women. Here’s a list of the latest and forthcoming titles produced by them. To find out more, go to their website at www.BoulderMediaWomen.com -- Rosemary

COLORADO'S CLASSIC MOUNTAIN TOWNS, Evelyn Spence. Countryman Press 2007. A guide to seven ski towns with history, lodging, dining, summer and winter recreation, festivals, kids' activities, and more. www.countrymanpress.com/titles/GDCOMtnTowns.html.

DARK HARVEST, Lynda Hilburn. Medallion Press 2008. As a guest on a radio show, Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight, PhD, answers a question from a mysterious, preternatural caller who turns her world upside down—again. http://www.lyndahilburnauthor.com/

HEALING FROM TRAUMA: A Survivor's Guide To Understanding Your Symptoms and Reclaiming Your Life, Jasmin Lee Cori, MS, LPC. Marlowe & Co., January 2008. A holistic self-help guide for survivors of various kinds of trauma written by a therapist and trauma survivor. Complete with exercises, healing stories, points to remember, and resources. http://www.jasmincori.com/

MIRANDA, QUEEN OF ARGYLL: Unlikely Saints, Julia Phillips. One Level Higher Publishing 2007. The anxiously awaited conclusion of Past Sins finds Miranda losing her faith as time runs out to stop Kadar from claiming the child. Hope is in short supply as a traitor wreaks havoc on the inner circle, but it is the unexpected players that will tip the scale. http://www.queenofargyll.com/

NORDIC WALKING: A Complete Guide, Claire Walter. Hatherleigh Press, early 2008. http://nordic-walking-usa.blogspot.com/

ONE GAY, ONE STRAIGHT: Complicated Marriages, Carol Grever, writer/producer; Roslyn Dauber, producer/director. Dauber Film Services 2008. Straight spouses tell their own stories in this unique documentary on marriages mired in the secrecy of a homosexual closet. Watch how some reconfigured their broken lives, moving from bewilderment toward healing. http://www.carolgrever.com/

POWER IN THE BLOOD: A Family Narrative, Linda Tate. Ohio University Press 2008. A family and cultural history brings to life several generations of the author’s Cherokee-Appalachian family. Three interrelated, first-person narrators tell the tale: the author’s great-great-grandmother Louisiana in 1902; her grandmother Fannie in 1963; and the author in her own story from childhood through the present. http://portfolio.du.edu/ltate3

PRACTICALLY SHAMELESS, Alyce Barry. Practically Shameless Press 2008. An uplifting personal story that illustrates how to find the gold in your shadow and how good it feels when you do. An inspirational and heart-healing book for viewing your most troubling personal issues with compassion and loving yourself more. http://www.practicallyshameless.com/

RV TOURIST: Tips, Tools, and Stories, Elsi Dodge. iUniverse 2007. How to plan and implement an RV vacation, from choosing an RV and a campground, to writing an itinerary, to what to do if you're lost. RV TOURIST is full of stories about the author’s adventures while driving a 30-foot Winnebago across the US, accompanied only by an elderly beagle and an odd little cat who thinks he's a saber-toothed tiger. http://www.rvtourist.com/

SUSTAINING THOUGHT: Thirty Years of Cookery at the School for Advanced Research, Rosemary Carstens and Leslie Shipman. School of Advanced Research Press 2007. Unfolding around the seasons of the academic year, this cookbook contains recipes for meals tested by generations of SAR’s guests and fine tuned by distinguished cooks and chefs. The recipes are perfect for medium-sized gatherings and designed to take advantage of the best fresh foods of each season. http://www.sarpress.sarweb.org/

THE BACKROADS AND BYWAYS OF COLORADO, Drea Knufken (with John Daters). Countryman Press, 2008. A comprehensive, mile-by-mile guide to Colorado's 12 best scenic and historic byways. Just in time for summer road trip season! http://dreaknufken.com/

THE HEROICS OF FALLING APART: One Couple's Breast Cancer Journey, Judy Gordon and Dan Gordon. 2007. A candid memoir told through the voices of both the patient and the caregiver; the only breast cancer memoir written by a couple. http://www.theheroicsoffallingapart.com/

THE SCIENCE OF DUNE: An Unauthorized Exploration into the Real Science Behind Frank Herbert’s Fictional Universe, includes an essay by Sibylle Hechtel. Smartpopbooks, January 2008. http://www.smartpopbooks.com/

THE VAMPIRE SHRINK, Lynda Hilburn. Medallion Press 2007. Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight, PhD, finds herself up to her neck in vampires when a new client pulls her into the paranormal underworld. http://www.lyndahilburnauthor.com/

WHAT KIDS REALLY WANT TO ASK: Using Movies to Start Meaningful Conversations (A Guidebook for Parents and Children aged 10–14), Rhonda A. Richardson, PhD, and Margaret Pevec, MA. VanderWyk and Burnham 2007. Real questions asked by 10–14 year olds led to the topics covered in this book. Each topic comes with a suggested movie and talking points for both parent and child to keep lines of communication open during the transformative middle school years. http://margaretpevec.com/

WHEN YOUR SPOUSE COMES OUT: A Straight Mate’s Recovery Manual, Carol Grever, MA, and Deborah Bowman, PhD. Haworth Press 2007. A lively guide to long-term emotional recovery for heterosexual men and women whose intimate partners are gay. Solid therapeutic techniques for self-help in a framework of riveting case studies of mixed orientation couples. http://www.carolgrever.com/


Anonymous said...

Checked out the cookbook Sustaining Thought. You are a woman for many talents.

Anonymous said...

I'm not anonymous. I hardly know how to spell that. The last comment was from Jerrie Hurd

Linda Tate said...

Thanks, Rosemary, for posting information about new books by Boulder Media Women. You are so right: BMW is full of smart, creative women--all working in so many different genres. I'm proud to be part of the group!

As my book gets closer and closer to final completion, I'm eagerly anticipating getting to read more and more fun stuff. Your blog is a great place to find the best!

Cheers to you and all the great BMW authors featured on your blog!

Linda Tate

sibylle said...

Hi Rosemary,

Thanks for collecting and posting the books by Boulder Media Women. My essay, The Biology of the Sandworm, discusses whether or not a creature like the sandworms of Dune could actually exist.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rosemary:
Thanks so much for the mention of my book, and those of other Boulder Media Women on your blog. It was great to read about all the terrific writing we're doing! Happy 2008 and may the writing life continue, with gusto, for all of us.

Margaret Pevec

ClaireWalter said...

Your coverage of BMWers' books -- already out or yet to come -- is much apprecited by all.

Anonymous said...

This is great to see our local talent listed like this! Great job!
I have tagged you - go here to see the tag! http://vivelaslink.typepad.com/vive_la_slink/2008/01/tagged.html
Have a lovely day,
Cynthia Morris

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